* At this network we do not want to see the following:

  1. Flooding in any kind
  2. Ddos/hacking/dronerunning or anything not legal.
  3. Takeovers are useless and not allowed.
  4. Spamming in any way is not allowed.
  5. Child porn is not tolerated, strictly FORBIDDEN!
  6. Do not beg for an O:Line, some of our opers can’t spell and confuse ‘O’ for ‘G’.
  7. Events that happen in one channel and spread to other channels are considered network offenses.
  8. Threatening any sort of oper action (gline, shun, etc) when you are not an oper can result in an immediate gline.
  9. Opers are users too. (Read: Opers don’t have the right to abuse non-opers, but that doesn’t mean non-opers can abuse opers.)

As per COPPA regulations, PanicIRC does not allow people
under 13 years of age to use the network or any of its services.

Access to this network is privilege, not a right. PanicIRC
staff reserves the right to deny access to or remove
anyone from the network or any of its services without
warning or explanation.

By connecting, you agree that you do not threaten the security
of the network and/or its users by participating in and/or
encouraging activities such as, but not limited to, DoS and/or
DDoS, botnet attacks, clone floods, or any other form of action and/or
activity that PanicIRC staff deems unacceptable or harmful to
its network, staff, users, and/or services.

PanicIRC wants to politely remind all users that if you
do not agree with or are offended/bothered by a specific user,
please use your client’s /ignore function.

Ban evasion is not allowed on PanicIRC. While privately owned
channels are to govern, police, and handle ban evasion amongst
their own staff, PanicIRC staff will step in, if necessary.

If you are being threatened via PM, notice, or any other methods
of communication within the network, you are responsible for reporting
them to PanicIRC staff. If you decide otherwise, PanicIRC cannot
be held responsible for continuing harassment that may occur as a result.

* We like to remind all users that by connecting to this network, you agree
to these rules. If you do not, we please ask that you disconnect now.